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A Safer Tomorrow Today


Crisis Champion partners with K-12 school administration

by providing student safety and sustainability eLearning.

We believe that engaged and empowered students are

safe and environmentally responsible students.

These unprecedented times require partnerships with subject matter experts.

Our team of experts have created award-winning eLearning courses

that engage students to keep them safe and informed. With turnkey products, we enable schools to remain focused on their mission and to educate and protect their students.

Our Products

Our eLearning courses cater to the educational needs of K-12 students. The age appropriate interactive courses are designed for K-5 learners and

separately for our 6-12 learners. A course completion certificate is provided to each student upon the successful completion of an assigned course.

Safe Campus

Our Safe Campus courses equip students to assess and act immediately in a time of crisis. Our courses are branded with your school logo and compliance is managed within our secure LMS platform.

Sustainability Learning

Our sustainability courses will equip students to be environmentally responsible. The interactive learning provides students with best practices and fun ways to make the world a better place for generations to come.

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